Top 5 “When I was a Kid…” Moments

I’m certain that at several points in my adolescence I swore up and down that I would never become one of “those old people” who goes around telling the youth of America how much harder I had it as a kid. Because, really…how annoying! Alas, much the same way I said I would never let my toddler […]

Easton, Meet Fictitious Jimmy

Please, allow me to paint a picture… Wait, Suz – go get your depends. Ok. Now I’ll paint you a picture. Suzie and James (names unchanged – sorry you don’t get to hide) are probably two of my favorite people ever. James, the lawyer and Suz, the eternal college student. Where he is composed and responsible, she […]

Up For Debate: Bipolar or Mother?

Ok – all of you who just said bipolar before even glancing at this post, I love you too, but you may now be excused. Thank you. For everyone else…hello and welcome! Today’s topic is really more of a debate…a debate in which I am currently representing both sides (sigh, vote 1 for bipolar). This is […]

A fly on our wall…

…would have peed itself when it saw Christian and I dart out of Easton’s room last night like someone had a flame to our heels. Tails between our legs, pure fear and panic etched across our faces. I don’t think either of us have moved that quickly in a long time. Actions like this you might think would be as […]

How’s that whole ‘cloning’ thing coming along?

Odds are I’m just out of the loop, so please fill me in….did they (I really don’t even know who they would be in this scenario) ever figure out how to clone people or did that theory get trashed after all the “that’s not ethical!” screamers out there?? Stop. Stop it right there. This is […]

You tell me: does a mother’s love dilute with each baby?

It really is true when they (the metaphorical group of everyone BUT you) say that you can’t comprehend a mother’s love until you are a mother. I, myself am still overwhelmed at how it can be possible to love someone more and more every day when your heart already feels so full. But, enough of […]

What happened to all the good intentions?

Truth be told, I blame Pinterest and BabyCenter for what I’m about to say…I am NOT supermom, after all. There. I admitted it. Well now, that feels better. When I was pregnant, I could not get enough ideas of things to do – I KNOW I cannot be alone in this. I would devour every […]

Apparently, I’m hilarious*! *references available upon request.

Thanks to that one semester in college when I took a public speaking class and was FORCED to analyze the qualities of my voice (this has got to be a form of torture somewhere) I am now acutely aware of just how awful I sound. And I’m not even talking about singing. I mean I just […]