Side Effects of Teething

All the internet articles in the world can alert you to what to expect when your baby is teething. Runny nose, mild fever, irritability, drooling, loss of appetite, chewing on fingers, chewing on toys, chewing on baseboards..oh wait, now I’m thinking of my dogs. Sorry, Easton. However, the element of surprise is a busy mom’s […]

How NOT to Spend a Rainy Sunday Morning

Answer: a yard sale. If yesterday were any indication, people don’t like to shop outdoors for your old picture frames and worn out tennis shoes in pouring rain. How odd. Those were REALLY great tennis shoes. They were going for $0.50. People should’ve been all over that. But maybe I’m just bitter. Okay, probably I’m […]

Easton, Meet Fictitious Jimmy

Please, allow me to paint a picture… Wait, Suz – go get your depends. Ok. Now I’ll paint you a picture. Suzie and James (names unchanged – sorry you don’t get to hide) are probably two of my favorite people ever. James, the lawyer and Suz, the eternal college student. Where he is composed and responsible, she […]

I can’t help it if you’re an easy target….

Fortunately for you (unfortunately if ‘you’ in this case are Christian), I almost forgot about this event completely. Almost. But I didn’t! And now I can write about it…aren’t you lucky! Go ahead, do a little happy dance, I don’t judge. …I’m just gonna go ahead and apologize now…I’ve had 2 large cups of coffee […]

Up For Debate: Bipolar or Mother?

Ok – all of you who just said bipolar before even glancing at this post, I love you too, but you may now be excused. Thank you. For everyone else…hello and welcome! Today’s topic is really more of a debate…a debate in which I am currently representing both sides (sigh, vote 1 for bipolar). This is […]

He DOES take after me….or is it just a growth spurt?

Since my little man-cub was born, all I’ve heard is how much Easton looks just like his father.   Which I love!   After all, I was once told about how animal babies in general will tend to look significantly more like the father when they are first born, so that the father won’t abandon […]

A VooDoo Doll for Football Season

If football season were a person, I’d walk right up to them without saying a word and punch them in the face. Well, that may not be entirely true because I’m just not that hostile, and way too cowardly. I’d be more apt to making a voodoo doll and hiding in the back of a closet […]

A fly on our wall…

…would have peed itself when it saw Christian and I dart out of Easton’s room last night like someone had a flame to our heels. Tails between our legs, pure fear and panic etched across our faces. I don’t think either of us have moved that quickly in a long time. Actions like this you might think would be as […]

How’s that whole ‘cloning’ thing coming along?

Odds are I’m just out of the loop, so please fill me in….did they (I really don’t even know who they would be in this scenario) ever figure out how to clone people or did that theory get trashed after all the “that’s not ethical!” screamers out there?? Stop. Stop it right there. This is […]