Top 5 “When I was a Kid…” Moments

I’m certain that at several points in my adolescence I swore up and down that I would never become one of “those old people” who goes around telling the youth of America how much harder I had it as a kid. Because, really…how annoying! Alas, much the same way I said I would never let my toddler […]

Rules for Being Sick

Dear Kid (and any future kids), I believe there may have been a misunderstanding when it comes to being sick around here. In the world where these things are controllable by you, and with the absurd thought that I actually would expect such things of you, let’s put on our sarcastic goggles and repeat after me: 1. […]

The MacDonald’s Newest Member!

HA HA – made ya look. I better stop this game before I become the girl who cried wolf and no one believes me when we actually are expecting munchkin numero dos. But in the meantime, I opt for trickey…if for no other reason than to make people read my blog so I can annoy Christian […]

Up For Debate: Bipolar or Mother?

Ok – all of you who just said bipolar before even glancing at this post, I love you too, but you may now be excused. Thank you. For everyone else…hello and welcome! Today’s topic is really more of a debate…a debate in which I am currently representing both sides (sigh, vote 1 for bipolar). This is […]