12 Blinding Truths of Motherhood

I have said before…maybe not on this site but it’s been said somewhere so it counts…that as soon as I became pregnant with Easton I realized exactly what kind of person I WANTED to be. The blinding truth for me: I was far from it. But I think a lot of people can probably say […]

HOW do you discipline with a straight face??

I heard something the other day that struck me…I can’t remember exactly how it went (because, well that is just out of the realm of my capabilities) but it was something to the effect of ‘being a mother is easy…being a parent is hard’ I realize I’m still at the early stages of this whole […]

“Shut-It, You Crazy Lady!”

…I said to myself. Unfortunately, I ignore myself just as well as I would ignore a perfect stranger saying this to me. *sigh* I have never claimed to be sane. Not even close. It is actually the opposite. I know I am crazy. I know I am difficult. But, I am what I am…the bad […]