Christmas makes my brain hurt

Okay, I had it bad enough as it was when it came to Christmas crafts. I could spend a solid 4 hours in Hobby Lobby brainstorming things to decoupage or paint. There were at least 4 different things I wanted to put antlers on, 6 I could make into snowmen, and don’t get me started on the year of the toy soldiers…sheesh!

Then came Pinterest.

I tried to stay away from Pinterest, I really did.

But I am weak and let’s face it – you put that amount of chocolate-guilt-inducing-recipes next to 236 different kitchens I could only dream about and then top that all off with a soccer mom’s guidebook to hand-made everything… and well, I’m gonna cave.

I’m gonna cave…and then my head is going to explode.

I. Can’t. Handle. It.

I want to make stockings and table runners and yard decorations and reindeer cookies for santa and take pictures of Easton with a glowing christmas tree and have every corner of my house dripping in garland….breathe….

Oh, and it is my first child’s first Christmas. Which also means….


We can make hand print ornaments and sip hot chocolate and build a gingerbread house and cut down our own tree and go to Houston Zoo Lights and get his picture with Santa and go caroling!

Ha, gotcha…Kelly doesn’t carol.

Not that Kelly wouldn’t carol – I totally would. But Kelly doesn’t can’t sing.

Enough about caroling…I think my point is pretty clear now…THERES TOO MUCH CHRISTMAS TO FIT INTO 25 DAYS! I feel so frenzied and pressured to capture the spirit and I just don’t know where to begin.

I keep seeing pictures of friends’ houses all done up for Christmas and I get motivated to rush home and make some miracles happen.

I scoop up Easton, make him dinner, feed him, get him ready for bed, put him to sleep and eat some dinner with Christian. And well, by that point exhaustion kicks in, I take a look around my house and think to myself “there’s still chocolate pie left in the fridge”.

Game over….I will live to be productive another day.

Oh and thanks family for leaving ALL of the desserts from Turkey Day Dos at my house. I mean, I thought we already established that I am weak?









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