The MacDonald’s Newest Member!

HA HA – made ya look.

I better stop this game before I become the girl who cried wolf and no one believes me when we actually are expecting munchkin numero dos.

But in the meantime, I opt for trickey…if for no other reason than to make people read my blog so I can annoy Christian about how many views my latest post got (he lovessss when I do this).

It’s the little things that make me happy. Like new razor blades.

Now I’m just getting distracted….ladies and gentlemen….please meet Big Ben, Mufasa, Lambert, Leo!

Yes. we went through all those names in 12 hours. No. I don’t know how we named a person easier than a stuffed animal.

Well, you can’t quite tell by Easton’s expression in this picture, because the pictures of him smiling are so blurry, but he LOVES it. I don’t know what it is, but capturing a smile while he is holding still is about as fine an art as capturing a leprechaun. Kid CANNOT hold still and smile. So instead, you get the “am I happy or am I pooping” face.

At this point, you may be wondering ‘ok, he got a toy that he likes more than the box it came in, big deal’. But what you can’t see in the above picture is Leo’s FACE. That, my dear, wonderful friends is where the glory lies.

The glory that, at 5 am when you wake up for work and stumble through a dim-lit living room to get your baby will make you pee yourself…because how often do you have a life-like GIANT lion waiting to scare the begeezus out of you?

Yes, glory. pee-myself-glory.

I’m watching youuu

I mean…I’m a mom. I lost all dignity (and bladder control) when I pushed a person out of me. I know this. I accept this. Hell, I even laugh at this.

Like when I was 8 months pregnant and peed myself in my front yard…HILARIOUS!

However, with this known fact, I should probably exercise a bit more caution. Maybe NOT put life-like lion in the living room where I know I will forget about it at 5 am.

But wheres the fun in that?

Life just isn’t exciting unless you’re peeing yourself. That’s what I always say.


5 thoughts on “The MacDonald’s Newest Member!

    • Touche Ned – might I also add that being peed on by someone else (whether or not uncontrolable) is also not so funny…with the exception of being peed on by your newborn son, however that usually takes a few days to become funny.

      • LOL — Only to the one getting peed on. To everyone else it’s funny right away. With my son, I learned quickly that the same rule applies as with sandboarding or talking politics after drinking too much: It’s best that your mouth remain closed while attempting any of them.

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