dancing the line of pride & shame



My phone is vibrating far too loudly on my wooden desk at work. There are 8 people in my office. It is normally silent. Like I-just-heard-you-swallow silent. This buzzing is noticeable.

In my panic to make it stop I hit answer instead of decline. Crap. I’m too nice to tell solicitors to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

To my (pleasant) surprise, it is not David Weekley asking me for the 213th time to do a brief survey. No, no…it is Pottery Barn. Let me clarify, it is a PERSON from Pottery Barn.

A living, breathing, I-work-at-the-store-15-miles-from-you PERSON from Pottery Barn. Inviting me to an ‘event’ they’re having tomorrow night.

I blush.

I toy with the idea that there is something seriously wrong with me for blushing at a personal phone call from Pottery Barn.

I toy with the idea that I should probably have more friends and maybe then I wouldn’t be so excited to get an invite to a store I frequent on an all-too-regular basis simply because they want more of my our money. (See honey, I caught myself that time!)

I call my mom.

MOM! Guess what! I made it to Pottery Barn’s personal calling list!

And here it is. Yep…riiiiight here.

The point at which I realize, is this fact something to be proud of, or shameful of?

I mean, the devil on my right shoulder is jumping – thinking YES, they love me too, I knew it…we should go NOW! And the angel on my left is shaking her head at me, going tisk tisk tisk, what does this say about your spending habits Kelly??

I have yet to reach a verdict on this one…so I dance the fine line.

…and I browse their website 🙂

…and day-dream about my future chandelier

hellloooo lover

In the meantime, I’ll let you tell me which side of the line I’m on….what’s it gonna be??


2 thoughts on “dancing the line of pride & shame

  1. I felt the same way when Nordstrom sales people started mailing thank you notes and invitations to special events…I went, of course!

    Glad you have a friend to hang out with tonight!

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