dancing the line of pride & shame

buzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz My phone is vibrating far too loudly on my wooden desk at work. There are 8 people in my office. It is normally silent. Like I-just-heard-you-swallow silent. This buzzing is noticeable. In my panic to make it stop I hit answer instead of decline. Crap. I’m too nice to tell solicitors to shove […]

The MacDonald’s Newest Member!

HA HA – made ya look. I better stop this game before I become the girl who cried wolf and no one believes me when we actually are expecting munchkin numero dos. But in the meantime, I opt for trickey…if for no other reason than to make people read my blog so I can annoy Christian […]

How NOT to Spend a Rainy Sunday Morning

Answer: a yard sale. If yesterday were any indication, people don’t like to shop outdoors for your old picture frames and worn out tennis shoes in pouring rain. How odd. Those were REALLY great tennis shoes. They were going for $0.50. People should’ve been all over that. But maybe I’m just bitter. Okay, probably I’m […]