Easton, Meet Fictitious Jimmy

Please, allow me to paint a picture…

Wait, Suz – go get your depends.

Ok. Now I’ll paint you a picture.

Suzie and James (names unchanged – sorry you don’t get to hide) are probably two of my favorite people ever. James, the lawyer and Suz, the eternal college student. Where he is composed and responsible, she is out-spoken and well, crazy. But don’t let me fool you, when they say it takes one to know one…this is what they meant (ie: James, you’re not off the hook). She’s the kind of blunt that in trauma-terms would send anyone to the hospital. You can hear her coming, either by the pitch of her squeal in response to the latest bit of gossip, or the click of her wine glass as she scurries past in a pair (one of hundreds, yes, she’s a hoarder) of pajama pants and taps the bota box in the fridge.

Their decade+ relationship is a length of time which (as I have learned) will make any couple get creative. Some will spice up their love life. Some will change their looks. Some find new hobbies.

And some will create imaginary people.

Enter: ‘Little Jimmy’

Let’s rewind about a year, Christian and I are in Austin for a visit and staying with Suz & James. We’re mingling in the kitchen, drinking wine (surprise, surprise) and catching up. I glance over and my eye catches a white board on the side of the fridge – a little scheduler. I do a double take when I spot the word “mommy”. Normally this wouldn’t phase me, but it’s just one of those words that catches your eye when you spot it in a child-less house. So, I read it.

“Little Jimmy loves his mommy”

or maybe it was “I’ll miss you mommy, love Little Jimmy”

…I don’t really remember exactly…there was a BOX of wine involved people!

In any event, there it was. In writing, for the world (or nosy house guests such as myself) to see…a note from a fictitious child.

Ah, yes! This is why I say they are two of my favorite people ever.

Now, I can’t remember exactly how they said ‘Little Jimmy’ came to be (do I need to remind you again that there was lots of wine involved) but that doesn’t really matter. Not in my mind at least. The part that matters is that they had an imaginary child. An imaginary child that they referenced in day-to-day happenings.

This would be the point that Christian and I look at each other  – our minds simultaneously taking this and running with it.

The WORLD needed to know about Little Jimmy. Well, OUR WORLD needed to know about Little Jimmy.

So, in true Suzie fashion, word spread. Like a wildfire it caught on and before you know it, friends were checking into their house as “Jimmy’s Sandbox” on facebook.  Naturally, when Easton came along he got to take part in this little circus, too. “Easton, you want to go play with Little Jimmy?”

While this form of entertainment is all well and good now – I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that I’ll miss the transition to when Easton starts to put two and two together and is wondering just WHO Little Jimmy is. And then, as responsible parents, we have two options….

“What do you mean Little Jimmy doesn’t exist?! Please – tell me there really is a sandbox!”

We can explain that it’s all a big joke and Little Jimmy isn’t a real person.


We can trick Easton into having an imaginary friend. “What, Easton? You don’t see Little Jimmy? He’s right there bouncing a ball. Go play with him.”

Ah, parenthood. What would you do??


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