Easton, Meet Fictitious Jimmy

Please, allow me to paint a picture… Wait, Suz – go get your depends. Ok. Now I’ll paint you a picture. Suzie and James (names unchanged – sorry you don’t get to hide) are probably two of my favorite people ever. James, the lawyer and Suz, the eternal college student. Where he is composed and responsible, she […]

I can’t help it if you’re an easy target….

Fortunately for you (unfortunately if ‘you’ in this case are Christian), I almost forgot about this event completely. Almost. But I didn’t! And now I can write about it…aren’t you lucky! Go ahead, do a little happy dance, I don’t judge. …I’m just gonna go ahead and apologize now…I’ve had 2 large cups of coffee […]

Let’s make better decisions, Kelly

I would like to begin by thanking my sister, Karie, for unearthing what you are about to see. For the record, THIS is not what I meant when I asked you to put together an album of childhood pictures for the wedding. Some people have bad hair-dos, boyfriends, lipstick colors, or wardrobe choices they look […]

Oh, this is probably going to offend someone…

…but I’m gonna say it anyways, because quite frankly people who get offended easily piss me off. No, that wasn’t it. But maybe those people have stopped reading now. …last chance… Ok, don’t say I didn’t give you ample warning. Now, it’s your fault, so don’t go cry to mom. I was just told by my […]