He DOES take after me….or is it just a growth spurt?

Since my little man-cub was born, all I’ve heard is how much Easton looks just like his father.
Which I love!
After all, I was once told about how animal babies in general will tend to look significantly more like the father when they are first born, so that the father won’t abandon the mother and baby…precious. Call me a sap (you wouldn’t be the first) but this always tugged at my heart strings and quite simply fascinated me.
So I accepted that he was a mini-Christian and sat back and watched for “kelly” to come out in him. I mean, I grew this little nugget in my belly for nine months. He was a PART of me. We were CONNECTED. I BIRTHED HIM. I’m in there somewhere.
I waited…and watched.
…and then I started keeping score.
His looks: Christian
His eyes: ME! While we both have blue eyes, his are the same SHAPE as mine.
Shut it, that one absolutely counts for a point.
His hands & feet: Christian
Height: seeing as how he’s always been in the 75-80 percentile, gotta give this to Christian.
Hair: Christian (but only after seeing his baby pics, I thought this was a loss for both of us)
OK – we already knew he looked just like his father…I just wanted to get my point in there where I could. Here’s where I started to look closer…
The fact that he hates being naked: Christian
His general sneeziness (totally a word): Christian
He seems to be a morning person: Christian
Need for plenty of alone (aka ‘lemme go woman!’) time: Christian
Eating/Pooping cycle: Christian
Thumb sucker: BOTH – I’ll give myself 0.5 here
Love for football: haha. Christian
Kid loves himself some sleep: ME! ME! ME!
I’m aware the phrase is actually “stop while you’re ahead” but I can admit I may never be ahead in this game, so I’ll just stop now that I have a point.
So there I was, all set to tally a line under the “kelly” column…and then I heard the phrase “oh, he’s probably just going through a growth spurt”.
what?! NO!
Don’t take this away from me.
Aside from the fact that I have been LOVING the extra zzz’s – this is MY point. Don’t tell me it has nothing to do with him having one of my traits!
Yet, I fear the damage is done. It’s out there now. I can’t unhear it. The thought that it is simply a growth spurt will forever echo in my head.
Lucky for me, I still have many, many years of waiting and watching ahead.
This is not over, Christian 😉



One thought on “He DOES take after me….or is it just a growth spurt?

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