A fly on our wall…

…would have peed itself when it saw Christian and I dart out of Easton’s room last night like someone had a flame to our heels. Tails between our legs, pure fear and panic etched across our faces. I don’t think either of us have moved that quickly in a long time.

Actions like this you might think would be as a result of something dramatic – oh I dunno – a window breaking in another room, an alarm going off, kitchen fire perhaps?

You might think that.

Unless you’re a parent. A parent with a sleeping baby. In which case, you are probably nodding and smiling in ‘I know exactly why you did that’ understanding…we (okay, I) almost woke him up.

For those of you who read my recent post “Easton: 2 Social Life: 0” (or were lucky enough to witness it first hand) you have gotten a taste of our recent nights of nuclear-power-plant-being-bombed-style meltdowns when our sweet little angel gets overly tired.

Just so I’m being clear here, WE DID NOT WANT TO WAKE HIM UP.

But my brain is basically good for nothing more than tracking feedings and diaper changes these days, so I made a rookie mistake. We were about to call it a night, I grab my phone, the monitor and my water to take in our room. Being the new parents that are still so obsessed with our baby, we decide to peek in on him first.

We were ALL 7 once. We ALL know what happens when you get two walkie-talkies too close to each other. That ear piercing static shrill that could send shivers down a dead man’s spine. Well, as it turns out, baby monitors work the same way.

I feel like I should have known this.

Again, rookie move. Sigh.

Needless to say, it’s times like these that I would like to have a fly’s-eye perspective in my house. It was funny enough at the moment (only because we did NOT wake him up), but I can only imagine how that could have looked to anyone else.


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