How’s that whole ‘cloning’ thing coming along?

Odds are I’m just out of the loop, so please fill me in….did they (I really don’t even know who they would be in this scenario) ever figure out how to clone people or did that theory get trashed after all the “that’s not ethical!” screamers out there??

Stop. Stop it right there. This is in NO way, shape, or form a debate about the ethics of cloning, government infringement, crazy cat ladies, or how I like my eggs.

Personally, I could really use another set of ‘me’ right about now and I’m just curious if the possibility has vanished.

Before Christian’s head implodes at the thought of two of me, let me plead my case.

1. I have two hands. Both of which become occupied with kiddo at home. This pretty much renders me useless to matters of cleaning, cooking and laundry. Although, I did recently see an inspiring video of an armless woman who lives independently, so maybe I’m just lazy.

2. I’m just lazy. While I have my (fleeting) moments of productivity, my mother’s energizer-bunny-genes have not kicked it. I can give myself all sorts of good reasons to park it on the couch watching bad reality TV all night. Christian, do not get offended, I loveee watching people catch sharks, dig through storage units and pawn crap, but our love of these shows in no way exempts them from being classified as “bad reality tv”.

3. I like working. But I love being a mom. Couldn’t I just send one of me to earn a paycheck and the other one can be busy getting that mom-of-the-year award? We can tag-team even, maybe use a baton like the runners in the olympics….annnndddd go!

4. Speaking of tag-teaming….well…I’ll just leave that one alone.

5. And finally, maybe one of me could convince the other that buying a house, having a baby and planning a wedding all in a span of 10 months is just not healthy.

Ah, #5. There it is, the root of all my pondering is exposed. I can handle being overwhelmed for certain amounts of time….turns out 10 months may, in fact, push my limits. Today is officially the one-month mark until our wedding and, for reason #2 I have LOTS to do.

Warning: if you have volunteered to assist at any point: silly you. I’ll be taking you up on your offer. And don’t try to hide, ‘cuz “I’llllll find you!” (think stage 5 clinger from wedding crashers).

6. I almost forgot, we’d totally DOMINATE the three-legged race.

What would you do with another ‘you’?


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