Easton: 2 Social Life: 0

What happened to my baby that just fell asleep whenever and wherever?! If he was tired, he was asleep. There could be a parade going through our house (or a pair of 13 year-old girls, same thing) and it didn’t phase him.

I fear those days are gone. And I think I may be at fault on this one.

Can I blame BabyCenter…again? Really, it is my obsession with reading everything I am supposed to be doing to raise a perfectly healthy, happy, independent child. THERE. IS. SO. MUCH. TO. READ.

I thought I was doing GREAT. By 3 months old, Easton was in his crib, in his room. He had already been putting himself to sleep and could put himself back to sleep if he woke up. He transitioned to being un-swaddled without missing a beat and was sleeping through the night. I mean, 8-10 hours!

I totally nailed this one. GO ME!

And then there was a party.

Not just any party. This was our wedding shower. An hour and half away from home. An hour and half away from his crib…from his room…from his routine. BabyCenter didn’t say anything about this. As it turns out, there is a dark side to having a set routine. A dark and very loud, angry side. I like to refer to this as meltdown-mode: the point of no return.

It’s that pitch in the scream. When all of a sudden, you no longer have just a crying baby. You have a room full of eyes. In a span of 60 seconds he goes from happy to tired to irritated to grumpy to upset to angry to inconsolable and then, meltdown-mode. Whoa. He is absolutely unwilling to compromise and be rocked/bounced/patted/sung to sleep. Oh yes, I pulled out all the tricks.

Fast-forward 2 hours.

I have ducked out the party and am frantically pacing the front yard with him. I kicked off my shoes, worked up a sweat and lost all warm fuzzies from the first glass of celebratory champagne. Finally I manage to quite him down – only after driving him up and down the street for 10 minutes – I resign to be a failure for the evening and do a pass-off to his daddy.

Your turn, Christian! Mommy needs a drink!

And with that, I say: thank God for Grandparents. And champagne. The Grandparents took E to their house and put him to sleep. The champagne took me back to my sanity.

What’s that? Oh, the title says Easton:2 Social Life:0? Right. That’s because there was an encore performance last night at my parent’s house. Lucky me.

Before I gougue my eyes out reading tips and tricks to ensure this does not become a thing…PLEASE tell me, what would you do in this situation??

And for the love of all things holy…other things that might wake him up – because apparently I’m clueless!


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