What happened to all the good intentions?

Truth be told, I blame Pinterest and BabyCenter for what I’m about to say…I am NOT supermom, after all. There. I admitted it. Well now, that feels better.

When I was pregnant, I could not get enough ideas of things to do – I KNOW I cannot be alone in this. I would devour every article on BabyCenter, I would spend hours pinning cute ideas and crafts for baby on Pinterest. I developed a nice long list of all these things I wanted to do for Easton. I was so excited that I had all this time to get things started before he arrived. After all, 40 weeks is 280 days…6,720 HOURS. No rush, I’ve got plenty of time. Oh, wait. That first trimester, all I wanted to do was sleep. And the third trimester, more sleep. No biggie, I still had the whole second trimester, 14 weeks. That is almost a HUNDRED days!

And this, I fear, was my fatal flaw. I drastically underestimated how fast time goes.

I became determined to archive every memory amd milestone in a scrapbook. All of my bump pictures, all of the sonogram pictures, and then once he was born, all of his baby pictures. I went to Hobby Lobby and gathered everything I would need, I had the start of the pictures…I could add the rest as I went along. Roughly 10,000 hours and one baby later, all of it is still neatly packaged and sitting in the closet.

Not that I can’t still do this…but…I admit my defeat. And I’m okay with it. Because, in the end I will always choose spending time with my boy over a night of scrapbooking.

Having put that out there, what good intentions have you given up on? And please, gimme something good- make me feel better about the 120 birth announcements I’ve had ready to mail out since he was 2 weeks old! Speaking of which, anyone know when it becomes too late to send those out??


One thought on “What happened to all the good intentions?

  1. I was going to make B a memory box to keep all of his memories in, well needless to say the box, modge podge, and scrapbook paper is still in the hobby lobby bag at the top of his closet and he almost 1…maybe by the time he is 18 I’ll get it done!!

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