Oh the complexities of the crock pot…

You know how on the show “Family Guy” the dog Brian is always most hilarious when he’s doing things that a dog would do? If you’ve never seen Family Guy, or don’t know what I’m talking about…shame on you. it is comdeic gold. For all the peeps like me on this one…picture the episode where they are riding in the back of a moving cargo truck and Brian is just stumbling, trying – and failing – to keep his balance. After a minute he finally says, “What? I’m a dog. Dogs can’t stand up in cars.” I cried. Actual tears. Not “lol”. And then I took advantage of DVR and replayed it. I don’t know how many times, but enough to be able to recount it years later.

Maybe it’s just me.

Well, this same notion applies to my soon-to-be-hubby, Christian. Yes, he can be witty and dreadfully cheesy. And I absolutely adore him for it. Yet, I always find him the most entertaining when he doesn’t mean to be. When he’s doing things a guy would do.

And so the story begins.

It’s a weeknight, I have picked up Easton and am doing our nightly routine of feeding/bathing/bedtime. I’m lost in my own little world and talking to Christian over my shoulder from the couch. Christian has just made it home from work and is banging around in the kitchen with the enthusiasm of a 2 month old lab in a field of sqeaky toys. He is simultaneously “prepaing” (he’s from a Canadian family and hasn’t picked up on “fixing” everything. yet.) dinner and plotting how he wants to break-in our new crock pot with a roast. With our wedding only a month away, all of our gifts have been arriving and we are quick to put them to good use. And he is ecstatic about the crock pot. Well really, the roast. Men and their meats. Sigh. As I try and keep up with his frantic pace and jumble of questions, I notice that his voice is suddenly laced with concern. Deep and broding concern. I’m confused here. He’s asking too many questions about a crock pot recipe. I mean, you stick it all in the pot and turn it on low. Thats it. It does the rest. So I ask:

“Babe, what’s the problem here? You really just dump it all in there and that’s it.”

“I just don’t think it will all fit!”

I look over my shoulder and see the most pitiful lost-puppy expression.

“Oh, hun. (laughter) That’s the rice cooker.”

This one makes me smile every time. What boys being boys moments do you have to share? Just, so they know theres no reason to be embarrassed, they’re not alone!

my boys being boys


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