I, Kelly, do solemnly swear…

not to kill another plant.

Said the girl who killed an ivy. An IVY.

My mother gave me a beautiful potted plant about year ago. A “varigated hibiscus”. I am happy to report, it is still alive.


You should know that I have pretty much killed it 4 times now. By ‘pretty much killed’ I mean, leaves all turned brown, shrivled up and fell off. Leaving the brown skeleton of what once was, standing naked among it’s own debris.


It gets down to sticks. Christian revives it. And I kill it again.

Somehow, God decided it was a good idea to trust me with a human. I have (successfully, if I don’t say so myself) not only kept Easton alive, but kid is thriving. This has triggered a new sense of responsibility in me – towards my plants, that is. I CAN keep that damn plant alive.

I think.

Someone, anyone. Make me feel like I’m not the only brown-tumbed person out there. What have y’all killed??

Also. If you’re reading this Christian, well just pretend you didn’t and keep watering it. But don’t let me know. So I can think I have succeeded, thank you.


3 thoughts on “I, Kelly, do solemnly swear…

    • what’s sad is that I rely on Christian to keep the yard and all of those plants alive. This goal is for the 3 live potted plants I have been given. One of which is a cactus that is also barely alive. If I kill these, I am enacting a strict no live plants rule. It’s just too depressing.

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